About Us

Who We Are


As one of Malaysia’s leading ICT rental companies, ICT Zone’s mission is to enable our customers to experience technology through ICT rental concept and generate wealth through ICT leasing business.



ICT Zone began its foray into the ICT industry in the year 2000, where we operated primarily as an ICT equipment retailer. Today, we’re a pioneering player in the Malaysian ICT Equipment Leasing & Rental business, providing total ICT solutions encompassing hardware, services and applications to both the government and corporate sectors. With a paid-up capital of RM5 million and increasing number of secured contracts, we’re among the top ICT rental companies in the country, and still growing rapidly.



On the other hand, ICT Zone has received approval from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia ("SSM") to establish, manage and operate the ICT ZONE Ventures Scheme - Mudharabah Al-Mua'ddat, which is a brand new opportunity that allow public to participate in our business for long-term capital appreciation and growth.



Introduction of RentiT.my                          


In line with our mission to enable everyone to enjoy technology through ICT rental, we proudly present RentiT.my, which is a brand new concept to experience IT gadget through rental and leasing. Here you can enjoy the technology with surprising benefits that you won’t want to miss!! Imagine that you can decide the Ownership of the product whenever you like! With Hardware Warranty and Insurance Coverage throughout the subscription period! Even better, return your subscribed products for an upgrade at any time! You may find out even more benefits here.



Furthermore, the rental and leasing of IT gadgets advocates environmental friendly concepts which brings good news to Mother Nature without sacrificing our subscribers’ benefits. By reducing the possible harmful impact caused by the advancement of technology, you can enjoy the gadgets without having to worry about the disposal issue once you get bored of them!



Let’s contribute hand in hand to a better environment and enjoy our benefits, DON’T BUY and RentiT.my now!!!